LETHAL DOSES
 Did you know the usual things that each of us uses almost every day, can be deadly?
The text that follows you will learn many interesting and useful things.


Promil - thousandth part of something - not necessarily always be associated with alcohol. And when we talk about it, the term "one promil blood alcohol" means that one liter of blood has 1ml of pure alcohol. Pure alcohol - it is something like pure vodka without any juice in it, but something stronger, stronger even than shpirt. Thus, in a half liter of vodka has approximately 200 ml of pure alcohol. When healthy 75 kg heavy man would drink half a liter of vodka, they 200 ml of pure alcohol is converted in 2.5 promili of alcohol in the blood, which is considered a serious intoxication. As the lethal concentration of alcohol in the blood concentration of 5-6 considered promili ie about 400-450 ml of pure alcohol, or about 1 - 1.5 liter vodka (provided that you drink is not sloshi and recover). Drink three bottles in a row - and with you is finished.
Exception: In December 2004 in a hospital in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv was made man who was hit by a car. Because of it spread a strong smell, he committed the alcohol test, and the camera showed promili 9:14. Convinced that the camera is not correct, doctors conducted five laboratory tests, but all had the same result. Victims drank about 1.7 gallons of strong brandy and Bulgaria remained alive.

And vitamins can die. There is this notion - hypervitaminosis. For example the consequences of vitamin A overdose include headaches, dizziness, nausea, rapid pulse, unconsciousness and convulsions. Vitamin B1: dysfunction of the liver and kidneys. With vitamin V12: rapid heart rate and blood clots. Vitamin D2: weakness, thirst, vomiting, fever, elevated blood pressure, difficulty breathing, slowing the pulse. With Vitamin E: metabolism disorder, thrombophlebitis, kidney failure, bleeding in the retina, haemorrhagic stroke. To be sure, take a multivitamin. To obtain a lethal dose of vitamins A and D, are needed up to 5000 tablets. Well, it's good to cut drink vodka.

A bright July day, pass under the Egyptian sun without protection, your pale face will be the last. The man enough 2 to 8 hours of exposure to bright sunlight to get serious heat stroke. The beginning feels premalenost, headache, dizziness, noise in ears, his body temperature increases up to 40-42 degrees, nausea, accelerated pulse and breathing, he lowers blood pressure and falls unconscious. The principal is that if you are not sloshi shade shelter and shade - with you is finished.
Resistant even to poison rats usually die by 50 mg of nicotine. According isleduvanjata conducted on people, for you that rate is significantly lower, and varies from 0.5 to 1 mg nicotine each kilogram of your weight. Accordingly, healthy person with average weight of 75 kg would be lethal 75 mg nicotine. Most cigarettes contain about 0.8 mg of nicotine, so it would be a lethal dose - 94 cigarettes. Ispushete four and a half boxes one after the other - and with you is finished.

SaltRe-check on rats: 3g salt per kilogram of body weight did not go along with life, ie a quarter of a pound of plain packaging of salt is enough to bring you reliable fatal end. Quite another question is how to eat those 250 g of salt. If successful, the following will happen: because of excess salt in the blood will increase blood pressure (which in itself is dangerous), it will be accompanied by strong swelling (1 g sodium chloride leads to the retention of 100 ml fluid in the body). Most occur in the brain and enlargement of the lungs - and consequently, as we know, is finished with you.
If you trust the good old rats, the lethal dose of caffeine is 192 mg a kg body weight. Depending on weight and individual resistance to caffeine in humans this dose varies from 150 to 200 mg. So if you weigh 75 kg, lethal dose for you will be 15g caffeine. In a standard good espresso (30 ml) has no less than 100 mg caffeine. Order 150 "shotovi" (4.5 liters) - and with you is finished.

They say that for every 1000 calories should be entered one liter of drinking water. Recorded daily average citizen 2000 - 2500 calories daily norm and water would be 2 - 2.5 liters. Given that fluids enter through food, a healthy person needs 1.5 - 2 liters of water daily. If too much with it 3-4 times, you may happen something called water intoxication, or water intoxication - disruption of the exchange of water and salts in the body. Your kidneys simply fail to exclude all that fluid from the body, decreasing the concentration of salts and water starts to go inside the cells. As a result there is swelling of the brain and lungs .... and that, once you do there? In known cases of water intoxication that killed people for less than a day drank no fewer than 7l. Drink seven liters of water at once, and you is finished.
In January 2007 real radio show on one page in the Californian city of Sacramento was organized competition in which the main prize was a Nintendo console Wii. The match was called Hold Your Wee for a Wii and participants were asked to drink as much water as possible without having to go outside. Twenty-eight-year Streindzh Jennifer, a mother of three children, was one of the finalists, but did not play for first prize. For same day she complained of severe headache, and even absent from work because of it. The next morning found dead - doctors konstantirale death due to water intoxication. During the radio show, Jennifer drained approximately 7.5 liters of water.ElectricityWe all know that electrical current that we use everyday household is also very dangerous. All these scenes from movies where killing someone throwing a hairdryer into the bathtub included - all naked truth. Theoretically, if a wet hand long nail embedded in the standard 220 volt socket, will release power from 0.1 - 0.2 amps (a maximum current at which a person can go alone to the contact arm is 00:01 amperes). In the next 1-3 seconds occurs slowdown of breathing, cessation of the heart - and you is finished.

Uncompromising variant - the electric chair, which is still used in at least six U.S. states. Voltage in this type of death is 1700 to 2400 volts, the amount of electricity going up to 6 amperes (0.1 ampere is dangerous to human life). The execution of the sentence is carried out on two occasions with a duration of 20 seconds to 1 minute. If all goes according to regulations, condemned the notion of losing 1 / 240 seconds and practically instantly dies. American Michael Goodwin Anderson spent several years in state prison South Carolina, awaiting the death penalty for premeditated murder. Penalty by electric chair should be conducted in late 1989. In March of that year a court overturned his sentence to life imprisonment. Soon after Goodwin sitting on a metal toilet in his cell took TV to fix that was included in the electrical network, and performed the original sentence in the act.MosquitoesThe female mosquito, which weighs an average of 2.6 mg can you Isis blood twice its weight, ie 5mg or about 0005 oz.
Blood seems to 7 percent of overall body mass, with an average man is 5 - 5.5 liters. A person could lose 15 percent of their blood without danger to his life, and if you suddenly lose 2-2.5 liters of blood, then at death. Thus, if during a short summer walk in the woods you afford to taste half a million mosquitoes, is finished with you. And if they exaggerate with creams and sprays against mosquitoes, may be poison.

                                                     case Amitvil    
     Are there really cursed houses, afterlife, spirits who wander lost in time and invade our human minds? Are houses like sponges that absorb our emotions during the year? If you are interested in a little haunting and ghosts, I believe that this text will like it. In fact, the case Amitvil is one of the most famous cases of condemned houses. In that house on Long Island have been written many books and recorded only eight horror movies, the first was in the seventies was a real hit. 
History of house
Dutch colonial house was built in 1928, reportedly in the area where patients lived and where the Indians were buried immediately. After that, until November 14, 1974 no information about any house tale of obsession.


Around 3:15 am on November 14, 1974, 22-year-old Ronald DeFeo became the bed, he took his 33 mm gun and left the room. Ronaldovite parents, two sisters and two brothers were killed that night, each shot in the nape of the head. After several days Ronaldo admitted the killing, although police later claimed that his recognition izvekla fighting.
On hearing of November 22, 1975 Ronald lawyer appealed defending his client with madness. The appeal was rejected and Ronald was sentenced to 6 second degree murder or a punishment by a sentence of 25 years for each murder (150 years total). Today is the strictly guarded prison Danemorrai. Ronald Defeo further argues that the voices heard persecuted for some time while he was in the house and he was obsessed. Their voices spoke "Kill them, kill them all!". Overall, was probably to blame supernatural force that settled there.Despite the decision of the jury, there are really several issues in his case on which to this day no answer, but guesses. For example, rifle caliber 35 mm at the shooting produces noise. As if none of the six family members are not awakened at the first shooting and none of them fought but died, killed from behind in bed while asleep? Then, the murder happened at 3:15 am in winter. Other houses on small distance from the house where the family lived Defeo. None of the neighbors not heard gun fire although they were fired six bullets.

Goerg and Katie Luts knew very little about the Defeo family murder, only that a young man murdered his family, when you decided to buy the house. It does not mind when buying. "Agentkata actually do not consider it serious buyers," recalls Katie. "I think he tired to explore different places because we did everything we asked." Therefore, she decided to show us what he thought was beyond our capabilities. Completely surprised when we said it would buy the house. "The house was water, garage and pool. It was big enough for the office of George, "but something more expensive than we had intended to spend. In short, it was as perfect for them, raising a family.
On December 18, 1975, more than a year after the murder happened, George, Katie, their children and dog Harry moved into the house. The day after their move-in, the family called Mankuso priest to bless the house. But when the priest started the ceremony, an invisible force attacked, and a house allegedly event was terrible voice speaking to them "Get out!". later, the experts concluded that parapsihologija blessing the house caused the evil has awoken and began reaction of events that will affect the family for years. Despite paranormalnata appearance priest finished the ceremony and I went to the house. Later, the priest at the monastery was attacked by a second invisible force, this time harder. Graduated with severe injuries in hospital fighting for life a few days. Although he was severely wounded, once came to consciousness tried to contact Katie and George to warn. He wanted to tell them to immediately leave the house. Ever tried to contact the telephone, but each time the line will vospostavela something happened and the line is interrupted. Meanwhile, strange things have happened in the family Luts. Gradually rasipuvala demonic force. It was akin to a nightmare.

Even today Luts family has a problem to separate what really happened from what was happening in their minds. After the first 36 hours Georg began to feel that something is wrong. "Before Amitvil not remember that ever I chickened strong," says George. I'm just the kind of person who immediately jumped when something would zashushkalo in the dark. But the attack started on me so strange that even when we went to the house and when we started to remember the events, I realized that I was assaulted. " "I just could not get warmed up," he recalls today. He started to pass more time to the large, open fireplace in the living room, separating from the fire only to nacepi trees or to check the thermostat, which constantly showed 8 degrees in the room. (Paranormal researchers call this manifestation of psychological coldness, the ability of spirit to exhaust the victim or the temperature of the room. That energy that causes cold in the room is converted into a negative energy that turns the victims of which is taken). Katie also felt something. Although George and Katie have been married a short time, she was sure she understands her good husband. Now he seemed to change for the worse. "Even when she did the night to be separated from the fireplace and when you come to sleep in bed, whenever he woke up around 3:15 am, dressed and went out walking the snow to the center. Georg was neat and clean person, but suddenly started to forget even personal hygiene. Fireplace became an obsession. " The next 28 days they passed through his personal hell. George continued to rise every morning at 3:15 am, the exact time when Defeo killed their parents, dream and vision of their deaths, thousands of flies would gather in the room. The water in the toilet which was on the blackened floor as tar, furniture and objects were thrown from one end of the room at the other end. Little Amy is befriended by an invisible entity that is named Jody, and their son Greg window zdrobil his fingers, but later disappeared early. Even the dog began to change, and lael of rzhel are hiding around the house. January 15, just after 28 days of moving, the family took something Luts clothes and fled in fear. She left behind a value greater than $ 40,000, car, antiques, boat, clothing, toys ....

There are several interesting items related to the horror house, which occurred in the house. Steven Kaplan, the man who tried to dish out fraud Warner, out of jealousy because he fails to win the case, he started writing a book The Amityville Conspiracy, about how it was all a big skull cap. Two weeks before the publication of the book, Kaplan suffered a heart attack and died. Ian Anson, author of the book The Amityville horror, when he was the last chapter, also suffered a heart attack but survived. Soon he began to write new book "666 and the Antichrist", again had a heart attack, but this time he died. Or coincidence?

ConclusionAt the very least, the developments in this house are interesting. Biggest scam or the biggest event of the paranormal? The house and family lives today, but they keep claiming that there were no ghosts or paranormal phenomena. Maybe now have just lucky? Perhaps the only evil sleeps between the walls, waiting to be re-triggered. Maybe there are places from which radiate energy, which are evil and are provided solely for home with evil souls. There are many "maybe" ... one thing is certain, this house has a big impact on the human mind, if nothing else it must be admitted that the house looked from the outside looks really frightening.