Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Power Balance: "Energy balance" with a quack product

It seems that American judges marked the end of the company Power Balance that with well-earned years of selling chains hands that supposedly "increase the weight capacity of the people."
The rubber rings ("balancer") with embedded holograms worn and promoted many superstars like Kobe Bryant, Shaquille, Lamar Odom and David Beckham, but these are people who get "dirty" sums to convince you that the wearing of rubber in the hologramche hand will make a "superman."

Around the world are sold more than 2.5 million copies at a cost of 5 to 30 dollars.

But last year the Australian Commission on Consumer Protection extort confessions from Californian company that rings no one actually helped "under promise": balance, strength and coordination.

"We recognize that no scientific confirmation of our claims, which means that the recorded purchase. If you feel cheated of our ads, we hereby unconditionally apologize to you and offer you a full return of the amount paid, "the company said.

But this recognition does not "burn" in other states. Only a week after the announcement of apology, Sacramento Kings basketball team almost signed a contract under which the company name had to be five years, the official name of the hall in which game NBA ligashot.
Finally, a few days later in federal court in Los Angeles has filed suit against Power Balance which is stated that the company continued production, sale and advertising of the rings despite itself recognized that "act".
According to some U.S. media, in the trial of PB have agreed to compensation which would have to pay damages of 75 million dollars, after which the company following bankruptcy, but the Power Balance argue that these articles are not accurate.
If you are one of many Macedonians that you obtain such a balancer with "hologram that comes in contact with your energy field and allows your body to be equated with nature, as a result of improved energy flowing through your body," always have the option of visit to a lawyer and filing suit against one who sold you this quack alkiche.
And forgive us if you have created a power imbalance.
For all others who have bought at such a year ago, and now waiting to start the season in the NBA to dance on a team, or today and tomorrow are more soccer fields across Europe: a big apology promotional clip that is shown "terrible power" of the tire hologramche. Expensive rubber, which will cost them dearly its producers ...
And, if you need to plasibo story "are powerful, balanced, effective," and tricks of Milan Tarot by putting mayonnaise on his head do not help, then here's our suggestion: instead of Power Balancer wear underwear upside down every day. "I will not fail unlucky" and who knows, you might fail "to reach frequencies that you have in yourself" and you are not quite the naturals to believe in the "terrible power" of a soul. Well, one low-quality condoms has more power than the activation energy for this thing ...

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  1. Ronaldo wore power balance bracelets? hahaha what a dummy. I still see those magnet bracelets in pharmacies though, they don't make medical claims but have a $20 price tag.