Thursday, December 22, 2011

Denmark Embarrass !!!!!!!!!

Denmark is a real shame for our planet. The sea is colored in bright red, and not a result of some climatic factors!
Namely, it is caused by severity to people (civilized population)who kill hundreds of the most smartest dolphins - Calderon.
This happens every year in Denmark on the island Firoe In this slaughter the main participants are teenagers. Why?

To demonstrate that they are adult and mature!
Danish people do this every year when the boys become adults.they need to kill 80 dolphins.

In this big celebration, nothing is missing for fun. Every part in one way or another. If you do not kill, they see this cruel act and considering support for a big spectacle!
And whether it is necessary to mention that Calderon dolphins, like all other dolphins are closer to people in order to play, in a very friendly way?
"Calderon dolphins do not die immediately. With a sharp hook pierced in a few times, and at the same time emitting a screamor cry like a baby just born ", says one of the witnesses to thisritual.

Blood screaming and laughter of people, it seems the death ofthese great animals!

More complain is that no one responding!

While this wonderful creature suffers in pain in his deadly blood,no sorry or feelings of guilt by "conscious" people who considerthis used as an excuse for the ritual celebration of adulthood.

How ever came to this idea? And that is the element that provesthe maturity of dolphins killing people who are not only nationalbut world natural treasure?

What is not understand it in this situation, organizations for the protection of animals PETA and many others still have no replyn or any action taken against the mass slaughter of dolphins without reasonable cause. We hope that soon or at least before they destroy this kind would raise revolt against this Denmark.


  1. Wow, that is truly horrifying. I have never even heard of this before. Those pictures are so sad :[

  2. Man, that's uncalled for. What's worse is there is so much blood, it looks like someone dumped a ton of red kool-aid mix into the water :/

  3. Jesus dude, that is messed up. I no PETA lover but this is just senseless.