Thursday, August 11, 2011

Raided the house of Amy Winehouse

Just days after her death, the house was broken into a famoussinger and her many unpublished musical material was stolen.and search for robber is started.
Access to the house of the singer after her death, had about 20people, including family, friends, security and police.
Meanwhile, former husband of the late singer who was in prison, Blake Filder-Civil is planning to write a book about his life withAmy. The book is designed to healed his wounds and to discover the truth about Winehouse's life, including hours of videounpublished material.


  1. There is no respect for the dead, only family and close ones should take care of the "clean up" at least the guy is doing something about it to mourn, what a loss, the great ones always leave before their time

  2. What kind of scum does something like that?

  3. Robbing a celebrity is not that uncommon, specially for people trying to sell it at ebay.